The Difference

... Super absorbant, non-slip and more!

The One Step Mud Mat® Difference

Unlike traditional door mats made from coir, nylon or even carpet off-cuts, the cotton-pile of the One Step Mud Mats® has been engineered from an industrial background to actively absorb moisture and dirt; while it’s anti-slip neoprene back minimizes the chance of the mat moving and slipping on floors.


Super absorbent cotton tufts – Densely packed tufts of cutting-edge cotton and a microfiber blend instantly trap dirt, dust and wetness from shoes, boots and paws. The microfiber helps attract smaller dust particles for even more protection. All mats contain this special blend of fibers for maximum dirt-trapping capability.

Fiber-bind layer – The clever layer that forms an ultra tough bond between the cotton tufts and the backing, while retaining flexibility. The toughness of this layer as well as the composition of the mat mean that all indoor mats can be machine washed regularly. For instructions on how to wash your mat see our care instructions.

Neoprene backing – Our neoprene back mats are non-damaging and anti-stain; free from both PVC and vinyl. They are also anti-slip to minimize creep on carpets and hard floors.



The Original One Step Mud Mat® is a high quality proprietary blend of spun cotton and microfiber polyamide for rapid absorption of liquids, dirt and debris that would otherwise be tracked into the house. Developed in England many, many eons ago to stop the soggy/dirty outdoors from becoming the soggy/dirty indoors. Our mats feature an ultra low profile and a durable neoprene backing. Given neoprene’s excellent balance of properties, aside from the added expense over other types of rubber, it remains a material of choice for the One Step Mud Mat. Our customers can be confident that their mat will last for years not months. PS…Don’t forget they are made in England where they invented the cat…( and possibly the dog).

The benefits and advantages…

  • Outstanding physical toughness
  • Resistance to fraying or unraveling
  • Resistance to the deterioration from salt and weather conditions
  • Wider operating temperature range than other general-purpose rubber backed mats
  • Better flame retardant/self-extinguishing characteristics
  • Washability/outstanding resistance to damage caused by twisting and flexing
  • Light weight/far lighter than rubber backed mats of similar size(s) and thickness(s)
  • Safe on all floors/ Non-staining will not damage expensive floors like rubber backed mats (including LVP flooring)
  • Non-slip/sure footing on all surfaces
  • Truly customizable/ cut to any shape or size
  • U.S. Based company
One Step Mud Mat Sizescm:inches:(Approx)
1. Small Mud Mat48cm x 79cm19″ x 31″
2. Large Mud Mat79cm x 119cm31″ x 47″
3. Runner67cm x 198cm26.5″ x 78″

Note: All sizes are approximate and a small level of shrinkage may occur.

Super absorbent cotton tufts instantly trap dirt, dust and wetness

Non-damaging, anti-stain backings

Machine washable

Tumble dry safe

Ultra-low profile

Highly durable; originally manufactured for oil rigs!

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