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Cleaning instructions?

Please refer to “Preparing your NEW mat for battle” on the home page. Detailed instructions are available.

Is this rug thin enough to fit under most doors?

  1. Stack three pennies one on top of the other.This is very close to the mats overall thickness.
  2. It is very thin and fits under our doors very easily. Washes great as well.
  3. Yes, they are very thin and I have one in my laundry room and do not have any issues with the door.
  4. Yes, I’ve had no problem with it getting stuck.

Where can I find instructions?

Please refer to “Preparing your NEW mat for battle” on the home page. Detailed instructions are available.

Is it hard on bare feet?

  1. Not rough on bare feet. Just very thin.
  2. It’s not exactly plush but it’s not hard on bare feet.
  3. No and it gets softer as you wash it, but it is still very absorbent.
  4. No, after they are washed they are soft.
  5. No, it’s soft to the touch.
  6. No

Would this work over wall to wall carpeting?

  1. Yes. However the mat might walk a bit. The amount that it moves depends on the type of carpet. Many customers have used our mats in this manor without any problems.
  2. Yes, it is amazing how much dirt this collects and saves our floor.

Can I cut this rug to fit?

  1. Easiest way is to cut from the back side of the mat with a utility knife but a good pair of scissors will work as well. To cut shapes. Lay the mat down with the back facing up and use a sharpie to draw on your design and then cut with knife or scissors.
  2. Yes, we cut ours to fit specific locations. Worked great, no fraying of ends even after tossing in the washer periodically. Have used them over a year. Just picked up another one. They are a low profile and are great for fitting under doors.
  3. Yes they can be cut. That’s what I was told. I haven’t done this myself but it looks like it would be easy to do.
  4. I had to trim my rug after a GS puppy chewed the corner. I rounded the corners with a utility knife with no issues or fraying. I also think it softened to the look of the rug to be more homey.

I would like to use this under the litter box. I have a cat who sometimes misses. Will this hold up to occasional accidents?

Yes, and it works well for keeping the litter in place. We have an American bob tail she really tears through the litter. If she misses, we just wash it.

Non Rubber? Is it breathable for radiant floor heating without causing condensation?

I don’t have radiant floors but I do know my aunt does and she has one of these rugs by her front door for the last 2 years.

Can it be used outdoors?

The One Step Mud Mat is best used in a space that is protected from the weather. Patio enclosures, garages etc. are all good locations. Just inside the door is best.

What happens if I don’t wash the mat the first time?

  1. I don’t know. I never washed the first one I bought before using.
  2. Nothing. It’s more about running the vacuum over it to remove the excess fibers so it doesn’t shed.
  3. I didn’t wash my mat. I just put it down and it took a few days to relax to I love this mat. Perfect for my front door. Thin but that is what I wanted. Saved instructions to wash. I just vacuum. You pay a bit more for this rug but in my opinion it has been worth buying.
  4. I’m not sure since I did wash it first but I think washing it increases its absorbancy.

Super absorbent cotton tufts instantly trap dirt, dust and wetness

Non-damaging, anti-stain backings

Machine washable

Tumble dry safe

Ultra-low profile

Highly durable; originally manufactured for oil rigs!

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