Use and Care

... Preparing Your New Mat For Battle!


Caring for your new One Step Mud Mat is easy peasy ….

Step 1.

Lay out your new mat, there will be a crease/fold in the middle and from time to time a wrinkle here and there. Do not be alarmed as this is normal and the mats will lay flat after their initial wash.

Step 2.

Vacuum thoroughly. This point cannot be stressed enough. There is an excessive amount of lint/fuzz when the mats are new. The more of this fuzz that is vacuumed out means there will be a lot less that ends up in the washer and dryer. It goes away after a few wash cycles.
Pro Tip: After vacuuming, you can always place your mat in a laundry wash bag, or use a commercial laundry mat for the first wash cycle. This step will not be needed for subsequent washes.

Step 3.

Using your favorite detergent (without fabric softeners) stuff the mat(s) into the washer. They will be a little stiffer the first wash. You should use cold water to wash and a low temperature dryer on the lowest setting, (typically delicate) to dry. If you prefer to hang the mat(s), using a drying rack is preferred.

Step 4.

Once the mat(s) are dry. Lay them down and let them relax for a bit. Once the mat(s) are relatively flat, vacuum again to remove any pilling that has occurred. From time to time you may notice some strands on the edges of the mat(s). This is due to the reinforcing material used in the backings. Since we do not “bind” the edges of our mats. (per customer requests) Simply clip them off with a pair of scissors. They will not continue to unravel and this goes away after the first few wash cycles.

Step 5.

Most importantly ….. Remember our mats are unique in that they actually work better as you use them for a period of time. Do not expect your NEW mat to work as well as one that has been broken in for awhile. Vacuum on a regular basis and wash when you need. Keeping the mats clean means your home will stay cleaner as well.

Super absorbent cotton tufts instantly trap dirt, dust and wetness

Non-damaging, anti-stain backings

Machine washable

Tumble dry safe

Ultra-low profile

Highly durable; originally manufactured for oil rigs!

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