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They Work!

These work as stated! I was working at a dog show and someone there had a booth selling these rugs. They asked me to cover their booth for about 20 minutes, and I sold three of these! She had a dirty bucket of water, the rug, and a piece of linoleum, and I stepped in the bucket, then on the mat, then the linoleum and nothing! So of course I bought one for myself as well. My dogs have a hard time going up and down my wooden stairs and these rugs are so flexible that I decided to buy the runners instead of adhesive carpet squares. They work perfectly and I didn’t even have to use any tacking to get them to stay! They’ve had one washing and came out perfectly fine. They are pricey but you definitely get what you pay for!


I Am So Pleased!

I bought one of these matts 4 years ago at a trade show and absolutely loved it! I went online to buy another but accidentally bought an imposter of the ONE STEP MUD MATT MADE IN ENGLAND. I was so disappointed because it had thick backing which fell apart when I washed it. After more searching, I was so pleased to find the real deal again on Amazon! This is The ORIGINAL One step mud matt and I’m so pleased. The original has a thin waterproof backing that is very flexible and Is easy to put in a washing machine. The imposter has a thick backing that falls apart. Yes, you will have excess lint the first couple times you wash it BUT you will be amazed at how well this matt absorbs. I took mine to he laundromat for the first two washings and now I wash it at home. I am so happy that I have found this matt again after 4 years of searching!! When I was searching, there are so many imposters out there and they are cheaply made and fall apart.


Works Great!!

We have at least five of these in our kitchen. We have three Irish Wolfhounds and these work great. It saves the rest of our house from muck that comes in on their giant paws. We have had these for about four years and they have been washed multiple times and still work great. Our new puppy broke her leg and we put these in her pen for traction and since she wasn’t house trained yet they also absorbed any accidents and washed up well. I was happy that none of the dogs wanted to chew them like they do with our regular carpets, don’t know why, but, it’s great. I would highly recommend them for anywhere you want to stop the transfer of dirt to the rest of your house.


Works even through the season of MUD

We live in a farm, and early spring is the season of MUD. My mother bought me this rug at a home show and I was skeptical but also desperate. This rug is wonderful – it does get very dirty quickly at our house, but it vacuums up very well. Washing in the washing machine is also a sinch. I had pretty much given up on having cleanish floors in the spring with three German Shepherds and no practical way of removing shoes/boots as you come into the house when you need to head right back out. This is the first season of mud that things are under control (at least with regards to the mud/dirt on the floor), which is why I bought another rug for our great room door.


Awesome Product

We bought these at our state fair first. After we got home and installed in our camper we loved it so much that we got on amazon and ordered 3 more. Love that they are easy to cut to size so they fit anywhere!


Worth the Money!

What a great mat my first mat is 5 years old and still looks new I now have 4 of them our animals love them especially when they have an emergency accident .We machine wash them almost weekly they really hold up Worth the money


Absolutely the best mat!

I’ve now bought 4 of these mats – not because they wear out, just because I want one at each door. Absolutely the best mat. They don’t slip, they’re thin enough for the door to open right over them, and they truly stop the wet and mud right there. My dog walks in a circle on the mat on her way in, and doesn’t track wet muddy paws all over the house. Kids shoes, you name it.


Best mud mat on the market!

Best mud mat on the market! Worth every penny. Don’t even bother with all the others, I have and I am trying to save you the time, money, and hassle. Found this at an expo and have never been happier. My dogs love to play in the mud! Taught them to wipe their paws and I no longer need to mop every day (two or three times a day) What a time saver. They are machine washable (NO FABRIC SOFTENER) and you can put them in the dryer. Phenomenal product!


Look no further!

We purchased two of these mud mats a few years ago, and it lives up to it name. We used to have regular rugs at both the side and back door, and we would constantly be tracking in water, snow and mud all through out the house. With the use of these mats, that was no longer an issue. We no longer had to worry about the dog tracking in mud and water every time she was outside. Our floors stayed much cleaner during the soggy months of the year. These are so easy to throw in the washer and hang dry or just vacuum. Doors don’t get stuck on them when opening or closing, and they stay in place on the floor. Don’t waste your time on other rugs, these are well worth it.


A must have if you have pets

If you have dogs this may is a must. Thin, yet durable this mat washes easily. It has excellent backing, so stays where you put it. I have hard wood floors and keep one at each door the dogs use. I also use the runners under my dogs crates so they don’t slide. I don’t think any mat will catch all the mud/dirt, but these mats have made a Huge difference in my house. A must have for me!


Great for kitty litter

I got this to put outside my cat’s litter boxes. This works better than any mat that I have bought from any retail store. No litter gets tracked beyond this mat, and I no longer have to vacuum daily. I highly recommend this for anyone that needs a great mat to prevent kitty litter from being tracked throughout the house.



I absolutely love the one step mud mat. I originally purchased one large one at the IX center in Cleveland and cut it in half so I could put it by my garage door and back door. I have a large golden retriever pictured above and 3 boys, so needless to say I have a lot of dirt tracked into my house. Plus with the Cleveland winters a lot of water/ snow. Once I started using the one step mud mat it helped to trap the dirt so that it wasn’t tracked through my house. I love these so much that I did go back and buy a large one for my front door. I am a huge advocate for this product. I have also shown/ convinced my family members how great they are and both my mom and brother have now purchased them for their homes. It is amazing how much dirt/ water this mat can trap and keep from being tracked through your house. Get yours and you will be so surprised, but you you won’t be disappointed!


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